by David Saleh Rauf | San Antonio Express-News | 02-19-2015

AUSTIN — Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, backed with an army of lobbyists to storm the Texas Capitol, has started doling out political contributions to dozens of lawmakers in the Legislature — a cash outpouring aimed at competing with a deep-pocketed network of state auto dealers.

by WSJ Editorial Board | The Wall Street Journal | 02-15-2015

So why does Tesla, which is already valued at about $27 billion, still need so much taxpayer welfare?

by Bobby Blanchard | Texas Tribune | 01-28-2015

At a debate hosted by the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute, the Texas Automobile Dealers Association argued against carving out an exception in Texas' current franchise law, which says new cars can only be sold through dealerships. Tesla wants to sell its electric vehicles directly to customers, bypassing traditional car dealerships. 

by Rick Cavender | San Antonio Express-News | 04-08-2014
by Christopher Koopman | US News and World Report | 06-03-2013

Tesla is only profitable thanks to politics and tax subsidies.

Tesla's success is ultimately a case study in the perils of government-granted privilege, its financial success demonstrating a reliance on political favoritism more than an ability to create value for customers. Tesla Motors would not have been created were it not for the generosity of politicians – if generosity is the right term for spending taxpayers' money.