by Nicholas Sakelaris | U.S.News | 11-26-2018

Electric automaker Tesla said it's planning to renew a fight in the upcoming Texas legislative session so it can sell its vehicles directly to the public.

by Kartikay Mehrotra | Bloomberg Markets, April 20, 2017 | 04-20-2017

Tesla Inc. is facing its first legal challenge over self-driving technology in a case alleging the electric carmaker sold 47,000 vehicles with Autopilot software that’s “dangerously defective” when engaged.

by Edward E. Whitacre Jr. | Trib Talk | 02-08-2017

If whispered conversations around the Texas Capitol are to be believed, there is a chance that state legislators might overturn half a century’s worth of vehicle distribution laws just to please a niche California car company that continues to rely heavily on government subsidies for its survival. The spike in prices, decline in customer service and reduced purchasing options likely to result are harmful to Texas car buyers.

by Matt Shapiro | Paradox | 12-12-2016

After the news broke, the were accusations of crony capitalism, claims that this deal isn’t really that great, detailed objections based on economic realities, and worries that it could inspire other government deals that would end up costing taxpayers.